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7 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Hi great page facebook page, I was wondering if you have any pictures off crabtree farm estate in bulwell, from say 70s too ate 90s ? Was were I grew up wish I had the thought back then to have taken pictures, any would be greatfully recived 🙂

  2. That’s very kind off you thankyou 🙂

  3. Charles Marshall says:


    A great site! Whilst researching my railway history books concerning Nottingham and my recent novel ( set in Nottingham in 1881) I uncovered lots of small details that have seemingly disappeared from the publics view .

    Charles Marshall

  4. roy walters says:

    hi I read the story of the murder of Elizabeth shepherd, I had heard it before, but not in the detail you provided,i am very interested in this sort of thing having written a book my self on true ghost stories and hauntings,in Hucknall, bulwell, and surrounding areas, on reading your story of Elizabeth shepered, I and my son scott, set off to find the place she was murdered, at first we could not find it,we set off to return home, and just about 50 yards down the road I saw it out the corner of my eye has we passed, so we returned round and went back and there it was, I set some flower seeds at the foot of the stone, forget me notts, so hopefully they come up every year, I have all so wrote about this story taken the information from what you wrote, and passed it on to others who knew nothing about it, I think its important to keep stories like this alive so they are not lost for all time,thank you for covering this story,

    • Hi Roy,

      We are glad that Frank’s article was useful for you and the information we have provided is 40 years worth of research and work by Frank. That was a thoughtful gesture of you to plant the Forget-me-nots at Bessie’s grave.

      Kind regards

      The Nottingham Hidden History Team.

  5. My great grandmother born around 1860 visited Nottingham Goose Fair around 1900 where she purchased a keepsake ‘present from Nottingham’ cup and saucer of most unusual design, which has remained intact in our China cabinet. Our family from Essex had some connection with the railways and I also have photographs of Mr Knight who was clerk in the railway office in the early 1900s, either Carlton or Sneinton, he and his wife later lived in Blackthorne Drive. I am so pleased to have found this most interesting website.
    Jennifer, West Wales

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