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Nottinghamshire Hauntings

by Frank E Earp It is said that there are more legends and stories of ghosts per square mile in Britain than any other place in the world. How can we explain this remarkable fact? Perhaps one of the overriding … Continue reading

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The Man from Calverton and His Knitting Machine

by Bill Carson William Lee was born around the year of 1560 in the Parish of Oxton, Nottinghamshire. He was the eldest of five sons and four daughters to Yeoman William Lee. Already by the mid 1500s large tracts of … Continue reading

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Woden and the Cucullati

THE history of the village of Calverton goes back over 1,000 years. Its Saxon name means ʻthe place where calves are keptʼ. That history is pushed back a further 1,000 years with the evidence of late Iron Age settlements and farmsteads in the landscape around the village. The Romans were … Continue reading

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