A Translation of a Few Nottingham Sayings and Phrases:

by Jimmy Notts

yyup midduck – Hello/ How are you.

Mek it g’bakkuds – Put it in reverse.

Innit cowd – It is rather chilly today.

Arkattit – Listen to the rain.

Wotsup? – Is anything amiss?

Gerroff – Please go away.

Oo worree wee? – Who was he with?

Worree wee iz-sen? – Was he alone?

Aya masht midduck? – Have you made the tea, dear?

Gizzarfonnitt – Please share it with me.

Wiggorn ev uz dinnuz – We are about to take lunch.

Y’alluz wanna gerra susstifikut – You should always obtain a certificate.

Aya gorra weeya? – Is your wife with you?

Ghee ovver – Please desist.

Atode im eekudd pleez izzen – The decision was his.

Yowl koppitt – I fear you will be in trouble.

Gerrup yo, elsal bat yatabb – Get up, or I may use violence.

Kanni cum anorl? – May I accompany you?

Thiz summat up wee im – I fear he may be ill.

Ez ee sed owt? – Did he say anything?

Ant yer gorrote? – Didn’t you get anything?

Ittle norrotcha – It is quite painless.

Yerwott? – I beg your pardon?

Gerrit dern yer – Eat up.

Ah’ve gone an dottied missen – I have soiled my hands.

Ayupp sorry – Hello there.

Did it fritten yer? – Were you alarmed?

Shurrup – Please be quiet.

Wottyer gerrin? – What purchases are you about to make?

Ah’ve podged missen – I have sufficient to eat, thank you.

Yant gorrenny woss, ayyer? – Has your condition deteriorated?

Sorl yer gerrin – That is your share.

Ah’ve ott missen – I am in considerable pain.

E dossent purriz ed under watter – He is afraid of swimming.

Ah don’t know nowt abaht it – I am innocent.

Gizzah swag – Please may I have a drink.

Yowl gerrovver it – You will recover.

Don’t knock yersen up – Do not distress yourself.

Gerroff om – Please leave us alone.

E wants sum ossmuck inniz boots – He is rather small in stature.

Gerrum yersen – Please help yourself.

Yowl kummorf wust – I fear you cannot win.

Am om – I have arrived home safely.

Ittim wiyer poss – Use your handbag for self-defence.

Ittle norrot note – It cannot harm anything.

Yer moant purrit ovver theyer – Please do not place anything there.

Izz not gooin ter wock terday – He has withdrawn his labour.

Tint woth it – It is hardly worthy of consideration.

Gizzit ere – Please pass it to me.

Will yer wacken yersen up? – It is time to arise.

Waira booza – Can you tell me where the hostelry


About nottinghamhiddenhistoryteam

Originally formed in 1965 to try to save or at least record before destruction the cave sites continually discovered during the major redevelopment of the City that took place in Nottingham in the 1960′s. Almost every day new sites were unearthed and destroyed before anyone was notified; last thing they wanted was someone telling them to stop what they were doing; TIME is MONEY. The word HIDDEN in the Team’s title is because a lot of what was being invisibly lost in the redevelopment was our early history in the caves, they are under most, if now all, of Nottingham. In the 80’s and 90’s the Team conducted with the help of Dr Robert Morrell and Syd Henley, research and work on Nottingham’s history, folklore and local archaeology. The Team published quarterly magazines on their findings. The Team lapsed for a few years after the death of Paul Nix who was the team leader for thirty plus years. The Team has reformed and is now back working on Nottingham local history. On this blog you will find a series of history, folklore and archaeological related articles and information. Most of the material published will be specifically related to Nottingham/shire local history.
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2 Responses to A Translation of a Few Nottingham Sayings and Phrases:

  1. Gorra gerroff om nah, me mam’s meduz tay! – I have to go home now, my mother has the tea ready!

  2. Mat says:

    Gerrahtonit! – You must be joking!

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